The Role of Social Networks In The Optimization Of Sites for Search Engines

A website is primarily just a tool, a website can be quite complex, but if it’s in the right hands it can be used to communicate the right message to its readers, its a tool with the help of which you can reach to your customers, convey your message.

For the successful implementation of any project, the developer has to deal with many problems, ranging from writing, choosing CMS, then the development of navigation design, and finally filling the site with content.

All these steps are mandatory, and a lot of information is devoted to them, which can and should be guided by visiting authoritative sources on the Internet, studying courses, and reading specialized literature.

When the site is ready for work, the thematic content is loaded into it, the resource is registered with all the necessary services. 

How to make your site attractive to search engines? 

After all, a lot depends on the results of the search queries that the project covers. A few years ago, the topic of SEO optimization was very popular, when the content on the sites was adjusted to the robots of the search engines Yandex and Google. Yes, this method of promotion has had some success. You can learn more about content marketing at

But often webmasters were so keen on writing “machine-optimized” texts that it was difficult for an ordinary user to read such content, and it caused just irritation.

With the growth of such “information blockages” the very purpose of the site was lost – to be useful to ordinary people.

The situation has begun to beckon over the past two years. In December Yandex announced its decision to change the ranking algorithm, and now links are not an important factor.

The Role of Social Networks

Against the background of all these changes, the role of social networks in website promotion has significantly increased.

Social networks cover over 95% of the total number of Runet users, that is, almost every active user has an account in one of them.

Thus, the race for authority has moved from SEO optimization and link trading to the hunt for social media users.

Now the “Share” or Like button is more important in terms of its importance. There is only one way out – to follow the general trend, create groups for your site on social networks, and present information in such a way that it would be interesting, finally, to ordinary people.

Before our eyes, the Internet is developing and is approaching even closer to humans. It is important not to lose sight of all these changes.