Distinguishing Between Bots and Real People

The intention is not to insert humor into this here post but if readers have been able to see a funny or silly or ridiculous side to the sentiments being raised in this post, then so be it. The work has been done for the day. It has been done well as a motivation for readers to get real in their determination to get real Instagram followers onto their Instagram platform. But not so real followers may be asking this question. Oi! What could be the meaning of this? What are these people trying to tell us? Come on! Have you seen lately how many followers we’ve got? Oh, they have noticed. But let’s just say that they aren’t taking any note.

And guess what, they’re not hanging around either. You have no idea how busy these people are. Active, and with emphasis on the word active, Instagram users are moving on to the next platform by the time you have finished reading this note. They are looking for tangible things and emotive, with emotive being the operative word here, words and impressions of value to them. Here’s the thing, a bot has no impression other than being just another number. It is just another anonymous stat.

Distinguishing Between Bots and Real People

People who proudly relate the fact, gee whiz, look how many followers I’ve got, are deceiving themselves. They are not deceiving the active, in and out in this case, viewers and would be, could have been followers, because they already caught on. No contributions being made on this platform. Just what does this guy do with himself all day. Is he for real? Doesn’t seem like it, and so on and so forth. Bots, however, do have their good uses in other areas of the Instagram platform, and the readers need to learn how to manipulate these to their best advantage.

Bots are a reality but people never really need to be afraid of them. Yes, it’s quite true that in any number of industrial sectors today, there are those bots that are taking over other people’s jobs. But people should be looking at this from a different perspective. They should not be dreading the dreaded pink slip. Nor should they be blowing their inevitable package. What they should be doing with this is turning it into a package deal.

Of note. Make it count, readers. Invest it wisely. And invest it resourcefully. Take some of that kitty and put stock into your new business. On Instagram, where else did you think? You need this because it’s a great platform for carrying out your marketing and advertising and self-promotion work. It’s where it’s at. It’s where a lot of hungry shoppers go these days to find items and services of value to them. Bots can’t do this, but you can. You can give these folks a real blast, yes, really, in more ways than one, by offering up promos and gifts and such to get them to follow you and buy.